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Different from other “weight loss” programs, the PFLC focuses on taking all steps possible in pursuing “fat loss” not just “weight loss.” Fat loss is a far more important measurement to maximize an individual’s true progress.  We actually check your body fat % to determine how many “fat lbs” you have in comparison to how many “lean lbs” you have and we track and monitor those for each individual participant. This allows us to make sure you keep losing just fat and not lean muscle. Believe it or not, if a person loses 20 pounds (the wrong way), they could have potentially lost 30 lbs of muscle and gained 10 lbs of fat!

The reason most people lose weight and then gain it back again (plus more) is a result of two things. First, they lose weight the wrong way by losing muscle and slowing their metabolism. Second, the psychological issues keeping them from learning how to motivate themselves so they can stick to their plan. These are two enormous problems that cause failure with the vast majority of other “diets.” The PFLC customizable meal plan portion and all the other unique program specifics help ensure this doesn’t happen to you.
Since statistics show about 80% of your results are from your nutrition, 15% exercise and 5% genetics, the emphasis of the program will be on the meal plan portion. This is bad news for people wanting to use an excuse like with how busy I am, I just don’t have time to exercise.: With the tips and ideas on how to make this easy & convenient, the PFLC can be completed by people who are extremely busy, if they really want results.



THE PURE FAT LOSS CHALLENGE (the PFLC) is a fun, unique and challenging 12 week, (starting January 1st) high accountability program designed to support, teach, lead and guide those who are serious about shedding their unwanted body fat. Most people find it fun being part of a team of motivated people all working towards the same goal.

This program has been successful for people who have weighed close to 500lbs as well as individuals who didn’t even want to shed fat, but rather to build muscle so they could compete in light weight division body building competitions. Everyone, from teenagers to seniors and men and women, has had success with the PFLC!

About The PFLC

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