Frequently Asked Questions

   Do I have to use Facebook to participate?

     Yes, that is where the majority of the program communication takes place. ​

   Do I need to find one other person to participate with me? ​

     Yes, having your accountability partner is a critical aspect of the program. If unable to find one, your spot on the 

     “potential roster” is not guaranteed and/or you may be matched up with someone you don’t know.

   Do I have to follow a certain diet and/or exercise program?

     ​No, you are not forced to follow any particular diet or workout. However, most do choose to follow the PFLC

     suggested meal plan and PFLC suggested workout program to help maximize their results.

   How much does the program cost?

     There is a unique structure for participation that will allow ways for the program to not end up costing you

     anything. (You can even walk away winning cash prizes!) Your choice of registration options can be chosen after

     completing and returning the Program Qualification Survey in conjunction with this Program Description.

     The program is designed to provide MANY more times the value in comparison to the registration fee. What

     would it cost you to NOT participate?

     * Free registration is provided if you find 5 other friends (who are not currently Facebook friends/fans of 
        The Pure Fat Loss Challenge or Justin Savich) to register for the program.